Who are we?

The Flying Culinary Circus is the world's first traveling cooking group. In 2005 we, Trond, Hans-Kristian, Mathias and Tor, went to New York. A journey that was to be the adventure of a lifetime. With 65 countries and 300,000 hours of culinary experience in the apron, we have developed, designed and produced a wide range of grills and accessories that add something new and unique to the grill range in the Nordic region.


Something we have always had a great love for is grilling as a cooking method. Whether we have a garden party, enjoy summer evenings in the park, cater for famous guests on the French Riviera or go on cabin trips, there is barbecue in the center for us. Grilling is taste, there is emotion, smoke and aroma. It's tough, and it's love. Not least, it's sick digg when you do it the right way, and with the right tools you can discover new flavors and combinations. For all our products, the common denominator is high quality and functionality at a good price. We will inspire and share the joy of cooking in everything we do. As our vision: Share the Fun of Cooking!

The team


Hans-Kristian Elvedal Larsen

Owner, chef and product consultant


Mathias Herseth Player

Owner, chef and food consultant



Trond Svendgård

Owner and chef



Tor Jørgen K. Arnesen

Owner and chef


Petter Sørlie

Category Manager | Gas grills and electric grills


Anders Fredriksen

Category Manager | Charcoal grill, campfire products, pizza and accessories


Halvard Skistad

Category coordinator



Trond Langnes

Service coordinator



Tommy Berg

Quality manager



Truls Risebrobakken



The story


The company The Flying Culinary Circus is founded.


Launch of the first cookbook that became Norway's best-selling in 2011. It opened up the possibility of launching own products in the grocery store. Nine years later, we have developed and launched six cookbooks, two of which have been nominated for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. 


The Flying Culinary Circus is awarded the Mark for good design by the Norwegian Design Council. "The profile breaks all the rules, and is a circus of instruments ... A new and professional concept, and a completely new way of marketing oneself," the jury ruling states. Outstanding design & visual communication”.


Launch of our new, fantastic premises in Prinsessealleen 46, which is 800m2 in size. This opened up space and opportunities to be able to expand our services both with us and with you. Whether it is company, meetings, parties, food courses, consulting assignments and the development of new concepts, we now had everything in one place. This also gave us great potential for further investment in several different areas.


The work of planning and designing a strategy for our new barbecue brand FCC BBQ is started. How do we succeed in a market with established international barbecue giants? Seeking answers to this challenge is at the forefront of the agenda. 


Launch of FCC BBQ in Norway. Our grill brand will be the second largest in just one year. With a 400m2 showroom at Kjeller, just outside Oslo, this will be one of the best exhibitions of barbecue products in Europe.


Launch of FCC BBQ in Sweden. It was a great success. 


FCC BBQ is launched in Denmark.


Big plans are in the works for the FCC BBQ. The possibilities of barbecue art are becoming increasingly popular, and our brand is facing some insanely exciting product launches for the coming year.