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Here we give you the season's best recipes and brand new barbecue meals made in 1-2-3.

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Pizza on the grill

Making pizza on the grill has become really popular in recent years, and with good reason. Here we give you our favorite dough and good tips for toppings.

Banana pancakes with berries and bacon

Banana pancakes have become a hit, and with good reason. Here we serve you the children's favorite, straight from the grill.

Flottis with kottis

Neck chops are one of the most popular ingredients for grilling. It is cheap and tasty, and contains some fat which also makes it juicy and good. Kottiser is often marinated in sweet sauces and thus tends to get a little scorched, but in this variant we use a rub. We grill mostly on indirect low heat, before we grill immediately on direct heat with a smoked apple BBQ sauce towards the end.

The rendezvous rub

This is a rub inspired by the famous BBQ place Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous in Memphis, the BBQ capital of the world. Simply a winner rub!

Cowboy dust

As they say in Texas, "It's sweet, with a little bit of heat." This is a proper cowboy style BBQ rub that goes with most barbecues. Texas style BBQ is known for a lot of chili and cumin. You should get a little warm in the pan when you eat this - then the beer will be extra good.
Kaffe og sjokolade

Coffee and chocolate

This is a rub that is completely raw on beef, especially on beef ribs, brisket and the like. It may sound a little strange, but coffee and cocoa are actually a great flavor combination that should be tested for just this.

Smokey chipotle rub

Here is a rub for those with chest hair. It has a good smoky taste and strength in it as it is full of chipotle, ie smoked jalapeño, and cayenne pepper.

The all-rounder

We have named this "The all-rounder", because it works for the most part. It is also absolutely fantastic. Great for all kinds of meat, such as entrecôte, pulled pork, freshly popped popcorn and sweet potato fries. A more useful rub than this one you should look for a long time. It is actually really good for grilled salmon as well.

Sausages with 4 good toppings

Sausages combined with good accessories take the classic sausage to new heights. Here we give you 4 different toppings that are guaranteed to give more taste!

Absolutely King Crab - Singapore Chilicrab

This is one of our absolute favorite dishes from a study trip in Singapore with Mathias. Here it is allowed to eat with your fingers, but we also recommend a small bib, so you do not have to pig to the fine shirt. If you can get Chinese buns from an Asian store, this is irresistibly good with this crab dish. The bowls are fried and served next to it, and are also very good to dip in the sauce.

Pepper garlic sauce

At a restaurant called Red House located in the East Coast Seafood Center, we have had unforgettable experiences with chili & pepper crab of Sri Lanka crab. Here we have made our own variant of the sauce. A little spicy, a little sweet and absolutely delicious for fish, shellfish, and beef. Our favorite is with crab, all preferably Sri Lanka crab.

Malay BBQ sauce

Very suitable for chicken, pork and duck. And for white fish such as monkfish, cod and catfish. Feel free to use it as a marinade or brush the raw material during the preparation, but it is also good to serve next to.