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Reading material for barbecue enthusiasts

FCC BBQ grill news and simple tips and tricks on how to take care of your grill and make even more tasty barbecue meals.

Pizza Chef FCC BBQ


Liker du pizza? Da er du ikke alene. Med vår Pizza Chef er det superenkelt å lage deilig italiensk pizza utendørs!
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FCC BBQ pizza

Italian pizza on the grill

Pizza on the grill has become the big people's favorite in recent years. That's why we have expanded the pizza range with exciting news that will take you one step closer to Italy.
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Grill tilbehør utstyr FCC BBQ

The grilling equipment that gives the best benefit from the grilling

The right grilling equipment helps to enhance the grilling experience and give you more options in cooking.
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Grilltrekk grill vedlikehold

Grill cover - How to make the grill last longer

If you take care of the grill, you will have a lot of barbecue pleasure for many years to come. With smart and simple grips, you keep the grill in good condition, and it may be easier than you think?
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Pizza fra grillen

How to make pizza on the grill

Pizza on the grill has become really popular in recent years. Maybe it's the combination of homemade pizza dough on a pizza stone over high heat that gives the authentic Italian pizza crust. Learn the chef's tricks for perfect pizza on the grill, every time.
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Barbecue equipment and accessories that enhance the barbecue experience

The right grilling equipment and accessories will improve everyday grilling. Get tips from the chef on different types of barbecue equipment, and a few favorites you should have in the toolbox for more barbecue options over the flames.
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7 good spice mixes you can take on a trip

Here we give you this summer's hottest spice tips. 7 different spice mixtures that are easy to make and perfect to carry in your backpack on a trip.
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FCC BBQ Fire 3.1 gassgrill

Four 3.1 gas grill with dice roll 5 in VG

In June 2021, the FCC BBQ Fire 3.1 received a roll of the dice 5 in VG's test of gas grills. The grill is summed up as a nice family grill at a good price!
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8 good sauces for barbecue food

A good sauce is the key to an extra good barbecue meal. Whether you grill meat, fish or vegetables, a really good sauce will give the food life. It elevates the taste and is extra fun when you have made the sauce from scratch. Here we give you 8 simple and good sauces for the barbecue season.
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Electric grill - simple, practical and safe

An electric grill is suitable for you who do not have the opportunity to use a gas grill or charcoal grill in your home, or for you who want the more environmentally friendly alternative.
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Smoking on the grill - How to proceed?

Barbecue and smoking have become a science, almost a separate subject. For many in the United States, it has become almost a religion. Americans are completely obsessed with grilling "low & slow" with their many quirky smokers. They like to weld oil barrels together in different sizes, to create the perfect heating and smoking rooms.
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Grilling with direct and indirect heat

Grilling on direct and indirect heat are important elements for the success of barbecue food. But do you know the difference between grilling and BBQ?
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Roasting thermometer: The secret behind perfectly grilled food

We give you our best tips on how to achieve the best result every time you grill.
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Barbecue - what to choose? How to choose the right grill

It is not always as easy to know what type of grill is right for you in the jungle of grill types, brands and models. Which grill is suitable for you and your use?
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More grilling options with Multi Grill System

With FCC BBQ's Multi Grill System you can make everything you want on the grill. Both for everyday and for parties.
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This year's barbecue novelty: the Extreme series

FCC BBQ presents the top series Extreme. This is a high quality grill series with large capacity and unique design.
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Experts' favorite grill: X-Grill Chef

In April 2020, X-Grill Chef was named best in a test by TV2 Helps You. The test panel examined five gas grills for construction, temperatures, heat dissipation and how well the grills work in use. Here FCC BBQ with X-Grill Chef came out on top and got dice roll 5.
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Lamb thighs on the grill

Large pieces of meat such as lamb thighs are perfect to roast whole on the grill with the low & slow technique.
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